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About Nawabshah

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The city is famous for sugarcane and banana production. The climate is usually very hot and dry, with summer temperatures soaring as high as 51 degrees Celsius. Winters start late, around mid-November, lasting to around mid-February, with night-time temperatures often reaching 8 degrees Celsius. Temperatures below zero are very rare. The city is one of Pakistans hottest areas.


There are various colleges in the city, these include:

Peoples university of medical health and science nawabshah(first medical female univeristy in pakistan)
Quaid-i-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology
Govt. Habib College of Technology Nawabshah.
Govt. Degree Colleges (Boys) Nawabshah.
Govt. Degree Colleges (Girls) Nawabshah.
Govt. Sachal Sarmast College Nawabshah.
Govt. Science College Sakrand.
Mono Technical Institute Sakrand
Agriculture Training Institute Sakrand
Govt. College Daur.

Nawabshah has a stadium called Bilawal Stadium For National Matches.


[The H.M KHOJA Annual Flower Show] was introduced by H.M Khoja in the year 1954 at Khoja Garden. The event is celebrated for 3 to 4 days.

The H.M KHOJA Annual Flower Show
Major educational institutions

People’s univeristy of medical health and science nawabshah……
Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Sciences & Technology
Government Habib College of Technology,
Vocational Institute
Provincial Institute of Teachers Education
Bilawal Institute of Historical and Research

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