Anoushka Kachelo

Surprised to see a female instead of a male from a male-dominated country? But the true fact is that Anoushka Kachelo, 24, became the youngest woman, and first Pakistani (a lawyer by profession, presently living in England), to venture the cold and lonely North Pole after eight days of hauling over 55 kilos across about 50 miles of the frozen continent. She entered into history at 7.10am (GMT) Sunday April 24, 2004. This certainly is a credit for Anoushka, since she hails from a country where women have only recently started to think of joining professions once considered only domain of men. The brave young adventurer has done all this not only to satisfy her adventurous nature, but also to raise funds for the Children’s Art Foundation (CHART), a non profit organization, that aims at providing education of art to the children of under-privileged background.
The sensation and the hair raising adventure has further heightened Anoushka’s quest to attempt another such venture across Antarctica. Anoushka feels proud of her adventure and believes that this would serve as a cue for Pakistani women to embark upon challenging ventures not only to come forth to feel strong but also participate in raising awareness of of misgivings prevailing in the children of third world countries.
For the CHART, Anoushka’s support is invaluable and they hope that this feast by a 24 years old fragile but brave women will attract world attention to their cause.

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