Chaman is situated in Balochistan with Kandahar, a city of Afghanistan, at the distance of 128 km from Quetta on National Highway N-25. It is the most important border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and most of the trade is conducted through it.

Chaman is bounded by the district of Killa Abdullah only. It also has boundary with Spin Boldak a town in Kandahar province of Afghanistan by the Wesh-Chaman border crossing. It is one of the major International Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Most of the trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan is conducted through this border. Chaman Road is only main road that runs across the center of the district from Killa Abdullah and is used to cross Afghanistan border by connecting with A75 highway in Afghanistan. It is also connected with railway track on Quetta-Chaman track. The railway track is further extended its services with Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Chaman has its historical importance due to the passage used by Afghans, Mughals, and the British during their rules over sub-continent. Most of the traders in past had used Chaman to travel between Afghanistan and sub-continent.

Khojak Tunnel was constructed in 1819 under the Khojak Pass, a crossing between Killa Abdullah and Chaman. It was built by the British Government to attack on Afghanistan via Chaman, but they never succeeded but they established Chaman as a town.

Most of the people involves in farming business. The land of Chaman is combination of rugged and barren mountains but good for cultivation of fruits and dry fruits. There are several fruit orchards in the town over the mountainous terrains. It is famous for best quality of fruits such as plums, grapes, peaches, and apricots.

Chamman is the center of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is the only crossing with Afghanistan in the Balochistan region in Pakistan and is the nearest route to the Karachi seaport. So all of the trade from Afghanistan from Karachi side is conducted through Chamman Border. It is also known as a dry port for CPEC, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, projects.

The weather of Chaman district is moderate hot and dry in the summer season, whereas it becomes pleasant and cool in the winter seasons. In winter season it also receives some snowfalls around the hilly areas. It becomes an attractive place in winter season due to snow fall on the surrounding hills. It receives little of amount rainfall due to Siberian winds in the winter season.

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