Pir Sohawa

Pir Sohawa is the most beautiful area near to Islamabad and having a beautiful view of the city. It is a fantastic place for leisure walk down in the pleasant jungle tracks. In a wild jungle one can enjoy a picnic while watching wildlife and also listening to the mala of bird calls. Pir Sohawa’s deep Valley is picturesque with mud houses and there are couples of restaurants along the road, pakoras the most favorite snack of that area are available in these restaurants. The hills of Pir Sohawa turns green after monsoon. Pir sohawa is located from Islamabad only 35 minutes and making it the most attractive and beautiful destination for the visitors from Islamabad and also from other places. Pir Sohawa is situated in the Margalla Hills, in the district of Haripur, it is about 13 km from marghuzar.

Pir Sohawa is a highland attractive rural area, it is allocated at a height of 5000ft, in Islamabad it is the most favorite place for picnic and recreation it is also in proximity to Monal Village. In fact Pur Sohawa is a village in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Haripur district. Because of some unknown reasons the name of the village is Pir Sohawa instead of Monal.

This is a point where you can compare the rural and urban Pakistan just by turning your head from one side to other side, offering you a beautiful view of Lush green valley with villages, mountains at the back and flowing streams. In winter Pir Sohawa attract tourists for its snowfall scenes. At height of +5000 ft you can see a beautiful view of snowfall.

The Amazing Fact
The most amazing thing about Pir Sohawa resort is that you can have a view of whole Islamabad through its highest spot.

The high mountains, covered with lush greenery, the cool breeze touching your face, and you are getting a beautiful view of whole Islamabad from the top hill just like a king or queen. Isn’t it simply splendid? Can you even think of anything more beautiful than this? I’m sure you do not want to miss such kind of view.

The Cuisine At The Top With An Exotic View
At the top, a restaurant is presently serving all types of Pakistani, Italian and continental cuisines. You can happily dine with your family and enjoy the beautiful sights of Pir Sohawa.

The Night Views
The night view of Pir Sohawa becomes even more exotic with dim lights, curvy roads, cool breeze, and soft music. The view and beauty of Pir Sohawa at night is to die for. Literally! Don’t trust it? Visit yourself!

Perfect Place For Gathering
Pir Sohawa is a perfect place to visit for family gatherings or picnics. The birds’ sound, chirping music, and roaring wildlife make the picnic experience even more pleasing. The trees and plantation at the top of hills become even greener after rains of monsoon. When you take a breath in that lush green and nature-friendly environment you will come to know what natural beauty is.

Hiking Spot
Pir Sohawa is a perfect place for hiking and trekking. Every year, a number of tourists from all over Pakistan and foreign pay a visit to Pir Sohawa just for hiking and enjoying its glorious beauty.

A restaurant called “Monal” named after Monal Village at Pir Sohawa is very much famous among visitors. The amazing nightlife full of glitters and light can be viewed from the roof of this restaurant.

This is a perfect place for both winters and summers. In winters a light snowfall and cool breeze in summers are sufficient enough to go crazy over this place.

In Nutshell
Pir Sohawa has every attraction and facility nearby. So visit this hilltop freely and be ready to get mesmerized by its magical beauty.

When To Go
At almost 620 meters above sea level, Islamabad is at its best from October to April, when the days are crisp and cool, and the nights are cold. Pir Sohawa flowers in March are a riot of atleast Spring is short. Most importantly in the months of May and June, before the monsoon, you can always escape to the hills. almost 2250 meters above sea level.

How To Reach Pir Sohawa
Islamabad and Rawalpindi share an airport, the Rawalpindi City and Rawalpindi Cantonment railway stand, General Bus Stand, Pir Wadhi, Faizabad Bus Stand, Daewoo Bus stand Motorway Chowk, Faisal Mover Motorway Chowk and G-9 Karachi company Bus Stand.

It is 292.9 kilometres from Lahore (6 hours 30min) and 172.8 kilometres from Peshawar (3 Hours 30min) on the Grand Trunk Road (Nation Highway G.T. Road) .
While it is 382.6 kilometres from Lahore (4Hours 30min) and 185.7 Kilometres from Peshawar (2 Hours 30min) on the Motorway/AH1.

Famous Attraction spots around Pir Sohawa
Some of the famous attraction spots around this mesmerizing location are:
Talhar Village
Monal/Lamontagne Restaurant
Margalla Avenue
Blue Area
Japanese Park
Islamabad Zoo
Faisal Mosque
Dhok Jeevan
Dera Jangan
Chak Jabbi
Saidpur Village

Nearby malls and markets
Blue Area.
Super Market
Supper Jinnah Market
Safa Gold Mall.

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