Makra Peak

Makra Peak is a 3586 meters (11765.feet) high Himalayan mountain located in Tehsil Balakot of Mansehra District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Makra is a word of Urdu which means spider. According to local people they named it Makra Peak because snow formation over the peak resembles the shape of a spider. The iconic Makra Peak of Shogran Valley is located in south-east of Kiwai and south of Paye Meadow. A moderate 4-6 hours trek (depending on trekker fitness) from Paye leads to Makra Top. From Makra Top the visitors can enjoy the picturesque views of the Kaghan Valley on one side and mesmerizing Kashmir on another. Many other famous mountains like Malika Parbat, Chambra, Musa Ka Musalla and Shingri are also visible from top.

Makra is a simple peak to climb with a moderate level of trekking difficulty and doesn’t require any technical climbing skills or knowledge to climb it. Still deaths are reported by the local people, which I think must be due to carelessness of trekkers or severe weather.

How to reach:
About 62 km (38 miles) from the city of Mansehra on Kaghan Road comes Kiwai. From Kiwai, a single road (about 7 km) leads upward to Shogran. It is a famous tourist resort and has some motels for tourists to stay. Now comes trekking part of the trip. From Shogran you can hire jeeps, horses or ponies for the trek if you don’t prefer backpacking. A jeep can take you up to Siri. Onward from Siri foot trek starts. You can also hire ponies or horses for the rest of trek up to Makra Peak base camp if you wish. It is about 4 hours trek depending on the fitness of a trekker.

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