History Of Burewala

Burewala derives its name from Chah Boreywala which was established prior to 1912.Burewala is an old Mandi and situated on Dehli Multan Road River Sutlej a crosses Burewala near Jamlera and Sahuka. Derbar of Dewan Chawli Mashickh is also situated in Dewan Sahib at a distance of 18 km. from Burewala.In the very beginning it was just a jungle which was ‘humanized’ by local tribes called “Langrial”. When the Pakpattan canal started its operations in this area, agriculture of the area developed and the jungle was cut to make cultivation fields. And so people started to settle in villages. As this area was in ‘Eastern Canal Division’ so it was named village no. 439/EB (E.B.= Eastern Bar). In the Northern side of Burewala, there are still signs of an old water canal which is now called Sukh Bias. Why Burewala is called Burewala. There is no clear idea behind the name Burewala. We have different ideas which have their respective logics. We discuss some reasons why Burewala is named Burewala.

1) This city is named Burewala after a person name Burha. He was, according to some people,’ Sikh’, some say that he was Muslim and still some others claim he was Hindu. Anyhow, whatever was his religion it is most probably he after

 Municipal Council Burewala
Municipal Council Burewala

whose name this city got its name. Now one question arises where did this gentleman lived? Again there are more than one place which are said to be his home at that time.

He lived in a hut at the place where now-a-days railway Station building exists. Some other say that he lived where now-a-days 517/E.B. exists. This village is also called Old Bura or ” Purana Boora”. The people of this villages constructed a well with a diameter of 8 feet and named it after their ancestor so it was called ” Chah Boorhay wala ” ( Well of Burha). This well is now included in the P. I. Link canal. Due to this well the new city was named Burewala. At the time existence of Vehari District on I July, 1976.Burewala was upgraded as Sub Division. The areas of Gaggoo, Jamlera, Sahuka and Sheikh Fazal were included in Sub Division. Burewala textile Mill was established in the year 1954. It was soled to Dawood Group in the year 1957.

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