Patriata, some 25 km from Murree has been developed as an alternative to old tourist resort of Ayubia. There is chairlift and cable car system which takes visitors up to Patriata Ridge in two stages from Gulehra Gali. The first stage is by chair lift up to Patriata Bazaar. From here visitors transfer to cable cars for the ride up to Patriata Ridge. A restaurant has also been established. Further plans include development of a wildlife park at the mid-station.

Around Murree, there are many small hill stations dotting the landscape. These areas are called as “Galyat” in the native language, meaning by the Valleys. Some of the famous Galyat are the Nathiagali, Gohragali, Doongagali and the Jheekagali. These are basically roadside small towns turned into tourist resorts. Perhaps the most sought out is the beautiful Nathiagali perched 2501 Metres high about 32 km away from Murree. The bracing air of the surrounding mountains is as pure as fresh spring water. While Ghoragali is famous for its educational institutes. Doongagali is a picturesque small resort situated on the slopes of the Mukshpuri hill (2376 m.). It commands a charming view of a series of wooded spurs projecting towards the river Jhelum on the western side. From Doongagali one can climb the 2813 m peak of Mukhshpuri, which is the highest point in the range. Natural springs abound on the slopes. It is 30 km from Murree.

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