Chiniot District is a newly created district of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city of Chiniot is the capital of the district.


Most villages are numbered and are known as Chaks, which means outpost in the Urdu and Punjabi languages. Many of the villages were planned and established by British engineers during the colonial period. These villages were planned mostly along canal banks to distribute the population evenly.

Places to See

Mehal Umer Hayat:

It is also known as Gulzar Manzil. This palace in the old centre of the ancient town of Chiniot is wrapped in mystery and silence. For long like the Taj Mehal it remained a melancholy monument to death and a symbol of tragic transience of life. Facing the Mughal Fort it was a celebrated edifice constructed from 1922 A.D to 1930 A.D at a phenomenal cost of four lac rupees. With a splendid ground floor and three storeys ( initially sixstoreyed including basement)topped by a wooden pavilion, it encapsulated the finest traditions of local wood, fresco, jali, glass, plaster and brick work. Each inch of its building, exterior and interior testifies to the skill and expertise of those master craftsmen.

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