Introduction To Bannu

Bannu is a district of khyber pakhtoonkhwa. It is situated at a distance of 190 km, in the south of Peshawar. Its population is more than half a million. Majority of the population live in villages. Still the Urban area is overcrowded with people. The urban area can be divided into two phases.(1) Main city (2) Cantonment area(1) A wall surrounds the main city. Entry to the walled city is possible through several gates.These include Lakki gate , parady gate,bannu district Qasaban gate, Miryan gate, Hinjal gate, Mandan gate, and Railway gate, etc.These gates are used to be closed at night. However, a few years back local authorities took a decision to keep them open round the clock.Chowk bazaar and Tanchi bazaar, are the famous business and social centers .(2) Second phase is (cantt area). Here is situated a large Fort. Once its name was“Dilip Sing Fort” A big golf course is also here, Once it was polo ground. A public park named “Rose Gardens” is also here which is denied access to ordinary citizens. The Villages Of Bannu:- As stated earlier, that majority of Bannu population live in villages . Some of the major villages are: Sorani, Bazar Ahmad Khan,Norar, Mandan, Mamash Khel, Kaki, Bharat, Shahbaz Azmat Khel, Shah-Dev, Man Dev, Khojari, Ghori wala , Doud Shah, Sukari, etc.Land here in Bannu is fertile. By the grace of Almighty enough water is available to cultivate these lands. That’s why bumper crops of both summer and winter seasons are harvested each year. bannu kidsIn addition to grain, the land here in Bannu is capable of producing fine quality of vegetables and fruits. Dates, Guava of Bannu are famous for their taste and quality .Other specialties of Bannu are Spices, Naswar, Halwa, and Painda. In addition to these things best quality of woolen cloth and shoes are also produced in Bannu.Kurram and Tochi are the two rivers that pass near Bannu. These two rivers irrigate lands in Bannu. A hydroelectric plant and dam is constructed near Kurram Garhi.There are two degree Colleges for girls and two for boys.

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